On Tuesday, August 19, 2003, at 08:38 PM, George Cobabe wrote:

No! There is not one of us truly worthy to be in the temple, as in the presence of God. The atonement makes up for our individual problems and I am sure would keep the Temple pure for those who do their best to attend in faith.


Well said, George.

Look, folks, the Lord is our judge, and he is never as judgmental as we mere mortals. We are quick to judge, slow to forgive, stubborn, and rebellious. We also get angry too fast. We had better repent, and soon.

I work in the Oakland Temple. I've worked there almost 13 years. I've easily entered that sacred edifice over 500 times. Every time when I reach for my wallet to get my recommend, I ask myself if I am really worthy to enter. Some weeks I am more comfortable with the idea than others. I keep going to the temple, however, because I know I'm really trying. I'm trying to control my anger, to obey, to yield to the will of the Lord, to forgive quickly, and to let the Lord judge. I keep the letter of the temple recommend questions reasonably well, and am trying to keep the spirit of them as well. Perfect? I am far from it. I am planning to get there someday, although I'm not looking forward to the process. Adversity is tough.

So, what level of wickedness does it take to not be worthy to enter the temple? It's spelled out clearly in the temple recommend questions. If you are keeping the letter of the temple recommend questions reasonably well, go to the temple. When you have occasional minor lapses, repent and go to the temple. If you have a major lapse (such as failure to tithe or keep the Word of Wisdom, law of chastity violations, etc.), stop going to the temple. Go to your bishop instead, and fix the problem. In all cases, major or minor, allow the Lord to forgive you, and please, forgive yourself. After that, go back to the temple.

Harold Stuart

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