At 07:08 AM 8/20/2003 -0600, St Steven wrote:
At 07:44 PM 8/19/2003, Jon wrote:

What I find interesting is that of those whose works I have read, I found
only Gileadi to be inspired, long before I knew that he had been ex'ed.  My
understanding of Isaiah expanded tremendously when I read his first book
(well, the first one of his that I read).  The others left me cold.  Isn't
it interesting that it was he and he alone who humbled himself.


Avraham Gileadi's best and most inspired book, in my opinion, was, _The Book of Isaiah: A New Translation with Interpretative Keys from the Book of Mormon_. But more specifically, the 93 page introduction where one is introduced to the various interpretative keys. Whatever Gileadi's past mistakes might have been, I too am impressed by his humility.

I, too, have the utmost respect for Brother Gileadi's insights into such an important work as Isaiah. I refuse to go the route of speculating. By his works I will know him. The others that were talked about gave me feelings of having pushed my hand into a warm bucket of 3 month old milk.


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