The good news is that my Norton/Symantec virus scanner is catching the new
viruses.  The bad news is that I am getting so many, that my virus detection
screen is popping up faster than I can enter dates into my TroopMaster
software for Scouts!  In my last batch, it caught about 13-15 infected
emails.  Yikes!  I can't believe that people don't have anti-viral software.

McAfee (is that it?) doesn't catch the virus.  I know this because our virus
software at work is - well was until today - McAfee.  We are now switching
to Norton/Symantec, like I have had at home for several years.  However, my
'puter didn't get infected because I NEVER open any attachment that I am not
expecting, or that I don't verify somehow.

I hope none of you are in the same boat as so many other people obviously


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