Jon Spencer wrote:

The good news is that my Norton/Symantec virus scanner is catching the new viruses. The bad news is that I am getting so many, that my virus detection screen is popping up faster than I can enter dates into my TroopMaster software for Scouts! In my last batch, it caught about 13-15 infected emails. Yikes! I can't believe that people don't have anti-viral software.

McAfee (is that it?) doesn't catch the virus. I know this because our virus software at work is - well was until today - McAfee. We are now switching to Norton/Symantec, like I have had at home for several years. However, my 'puter didn't get infected because I NEVER open any attachment that I am not expecting, or that I don't verify somehow.

Grampa Bill comments:
Found an excellent (if wordy) discussion on staying safe in a virus infected world at . Many of their suggestions are common semse, but it never hurts to make sure the basics are covered before going off into the wild blue yonder.
McAfee has an excellent reputation (though like you, I use Norton). Do you know if the virus definitions were being kept up-to-date? How about Windows patches and critical updates? Actually, these, (which are free) are all that are needed to prevent infection by this latest Love-san worm.
Love y'all,
Grampa Bill in Savannah

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