Many churches only have one single "authority" to go on. That's one of the primary reasons I left my former denomination.


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Something which I've settled in my mind and thought I had no problem with is the same problem that these folks - and most of us at one time or another - have had: What about the times when our priesthood leaders are incorrect?

Unlike many denominations, the Church of Jesus Christ has never insisted that our leaders are infallable. There are many instances similar to the times when President Brigham Young would return to the pulpit and say something along the lines of "This morning, you heard from Brother Brigham. Brother Brigham wasn't quite right. Now you'll hear what the Lord says."

Since we have strong personal responsibility to have a witness of the Holy Ghost as to whether our leaders are leading us correctly, what do we do when a priesthood leader is doing wrong? How high up the "chain of command" do we go before we reach a point where we say that we must be misunderstanding the leader, he (she) can't possibly be leading us astray?

And your thoughts --?

"If ya thinks ya is right, ya deserfs credit - even if ya is wrong." Gus Segar via Popeye

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