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That's what I would hope is that they have no power to really defile the temple. Look at what happened to the first Nauvoo temple!

I have been pondering this thread. Certainly if WE go unworthily we heap coals of condemnation upon our OWN heads. The question of actual temple defilement is one that is not so easy to untangle. Certainly temples have been "officially" defiled in the past and need rededicating etc. Solomon's temple comes to mind. Clearly, not every occurrence of the presence of an unworthy person will defile the temple or there would be many more rededications than we have ever experienced. The question becomes one of at what point is it considered defiled. Perhaps it is related to the performance of unauthorized ordinances. I'm hearing shades here of "the abomination of desolation" Could we be discussing a very disturbing sign of the times?


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