This hit yesterday for me.  I kept getting these bounce notices to people
I didn't even know.  It's the virus that takes my address out of someone
else's address book, then sends the virus in an email with an attachment
to everyone else in that person's phone book.  Now, I don't have the
virus, but it looks like I am sending it to others.  
On Thu, 21 Aug 2003 18:06:02 -0400 Jon Spencer
> The following has happened to both me and someone who works for me, 
> as well
> as the company hosting our store's web site (which is running Linux, 
> and is
> thus not susceptible to the viruses)>
> Email is being sent out using my email name, but I did not send it, 
> nor did
> it originate from my machine.  The headers prove it.
> So, if this happens to you, and you make sure that it didn't come 
> from your
> system, then don't sweat it.
> Jon
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