Steven Montgomery wrote:
> Hey! I was born and raised in the Uintah Basin. All kinds of relatives 
> on 
> both sides of my family in, around, and through such locales as Vernal, 
> Roosevelt, Altamont, Tridell, Jensen, Maeser, etc.
> So, you've probably bumped into some of my relatives out there. Say 
> hello 
> to them from me--will you <grin>?

Steven, I mostly just bump into trees at work.

I am working for the Forest Service this summer, counting all the trees 
on the mountains of Ashley National Forest.  I have driven through most 
of these towns on the way up to the forest.  At night I'm sleeping in a 
trailer in an RV park in Vernal.

One of the survey team members I was working with is from Tridell.  
Turns out that her family, the Brinkerhoffs, are also relatives of my 
brother-in-law.  It was interesting to make the connection.  My 
brother-in-law, Gene Cook, is also related to the McKee family in 

I have heard lots of jokes about family lines that frequently intertwine 
in this area.  :-)

Jim Cobabe  

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