I've had the unfortunate opportunity to sit in on several church
disciplianry courts that ended in excommunication.

The only persons present are the Bishopric, a clerk, and the member
having disciplinary action taken against them.  On occasion, a witness
may be brought in.

They are not "public" and the proceedings are private as well.  The
outcome is know by those present, the Stake Presidency, and the Church.
Well, the Lord know too.....

Not something pretty or nice.  All were very sad occasions that I was
in attendance at.  All were very strongly attended by the Spirit.


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>Hi.  Has anyone ever witnessed an actual excommunication of someone else by 
>this or any other church?  It seems to me that most churches refuse to do 
>it.  Why this bothers me I'm not sure, because I know that other churches 
>don't have the authority to really matter but somehow it does.  I think it 
>reflects the moral character of the times.  Are they generally public or 
>private affairs?  By "public" I suppose I mean church-attended, of course.
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