Hi. I'm reading some books on the atonement of Jesus Christ. There has been a general expression in at least one of the books I am reading (all by LDS authors but not all authorities) that Jesus Christ took upon Himself more than the sins of all the people in all of the infinite worlds which He created, that he also took upon Himself all infirmities, all forms of temptation, etc. The Bible only seems to spell out the one temptation experience in the wilderness, unless I've missed something in the JST. The Bible also does not suggest that, for instance, Jesus took upon Himself the same experience I go through as a blind woman in modern life or that He took upon Himself somehow the experiences of a woman in childbirth, etc., etc., etc. You get the picture of what I'm asking, I hope. How can we either prove or disprove this hypothesis or should we even try? We know He went through far more pain than anyone else has ever done and lived and we know also that the Father left Him for a time during the Atonement. Are we missing something else or are people making more out of the Atonement than needs to be? My friend in Provo thinks so.


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