At 08:11 PM 8/24/2003, Stacy wrote:
I see nothing to indicate anything but human sins borne out of this.


At 09:32 PM 08/24/2003 -0600, Steven Montgomery wrote:

<Most of John Taylor's quote from the book, _The Mediation and Atonement_ clipped, for brevity>

Thus, such was the torturing pressure of this intense, this indescribable agony, that it burst forth abroad beyond the confines of His body, convulsed all nature and spread throughout all space.

I think you missed it then. The full depth and extent of Christ's atonement can be expressed in the sentence above, which is really a deeper explanation of several scriptures, among them:

D&C 19: 18 "Which suffering caused myself, even God, the greatest of all, to tremble because of pain, and to bleed at every pore, and to suffer both body and spirit--and would that I might not drink the bitter cup, and shrink" (Note that Christ suffered both body *and* spirit. Since we are told from other scriptures that the spirit of Christ extends throughout all of space and creation this is truly an *infinite* suffering, in order to accomplish an *infinite* atonement.)

1 Nephi 19:12 And all these things must surely come, saith the prophet Zenos. And the rocks of the earth must rend; and because of the groanings of the earth, many of the kings of the isles of the sea shall be wrought upon by the Spirit of God, to exclaim: The God of nature suffers. (So you see, the suffering of Christ even extended to nature, and all of his creations, and was made possible only because the Spirit of Christ proceeds forth to "fill the immensity of space" (D&C 88: 12).

Steven Montgomery

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