Cousin Bill wrote:
> I'm coming back to ZION.  For a while anyway.  Anything I should know?  
> Anything non-Mormon specific to talk about?)
> Bill Lewis (the one who is younger than Grandpa Bill.  I think I am 
> Cousin Bill.  Who knows?)

Whereupon I pop my head through the door ever so briefly... :-)

I had stopped posting several months back, during the period when Zion went from being 
hosted on Topica, to two different listservers, and ultimately back to Topica.  
Somewhere along the way I had simply lost track of where the list resided.  

But alas, my posts will probably still be few and far between for the time being.  
Mainly because I'm now studying law at a night school (see, in addition to present full-time employment.  I'll be 
at it at least through the early part of 2007.

Beyond that, all is well on this end.  Andrea, our daughter, turned 19 mos. today.  
Regulars on the list will remember when she was born quite early and we had a scary go 
at it...thankfully, she seems to have recovered fully without any lasting effects.  If 
anything, she seems quite bright...just last week, she was trying to play with our 
dishwasher by using the knob to turn it on.  So Melinda tried to prevent this by 
removing the knob entirely.  Not long thereafter, Andrea grabs the car keys, which 
were left in the livingroom, goes back to the kicthen, and successfully uses it as a 
substitute for the knob.  

But she's also a typical toddler.  Only last night, she tried to push cookie crumbs 
through the vent holes in our satellite receiver, and this morning, she learned how to 
unspool the tape out of a videocassette.  I fear it may have been my favorite "police 
videos" compilation...I only learned this a couple of hours ago over the phone.  :-o  
Fairly recent photos are out on  

So that's the situation on this end.  Back to y'all.  :-)

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