JWR wrote:
> Occasionally we hear inactive members suggest they can be "good people"
> without being active in the Church.  They are confused.  Whatever they
> suppose, they are willfully breaking promises made to God.

Well, John, I suppose you are right.  I don't know what the relationship is
between being a good person and breaking covenants.  Let's look at a person
who has not been baptized by one with the proper authority.

never steals
obeys the law of the land
helps the windows and motherless
is faithful to his wife
votes non-RINO Republican :-)
is an Eagle Scout and an active scouter
drinks moderately

I'd say this person is a good person.

Now, let's take those same traits and add to them that he has been baptized
by one with the proper authority.

Is he no longer a good person?  I don't know, but I do say that he is in big
heap trouble.  Assuming that he understood exactly what he was agreeing to,
then he indeed entered into a covenant, and he broke it.  He is indeed held
to a higher standard.  His only hope is to repent.

So let's go find all those less active and help them to regain their eternal
future (2 of my three HT families fall into this category).


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