John, from your history of posts, I agree that you are a lucky man, but it
is not because of where you live.  It is because of the one big mistake your
wife made.


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> I am so proud to be an Alaskan.  Tonight on the local news I learned that
> the governor signed a law that went into effect today making Alaska the
> second state in the union to allow anyone who can legally own a firearm to
> carry it concealed without a permit.  I've known for years that New
> Hampshire never required a permit for carrying a concealed weapon, but now
> Alaska joins this very exclusive club among the states.
> Now lest anyone think I'm a gun slinger, I have a handgun that I never
> carry concealed simply because I don't feel any need to.  BUT I decided
> years ago that I would carry a concealed handgun illegally whenever it
> pleased me.  I consider my right to bear arms the most fundamental right I
> have except for my right to worship according to my own conscience.  It is
> my passionately held conviction that no power or authority on earth has a
> right to tell me to go unarmed unless I choose to or unless I abuse my
> right to bear arms, something that I would never do.
> Incidentally, Alaska is also one of the only states in the Union that has
> no legal requirement for home schooling.  Together, these laws make Alaska
> a place where a person can be more free than in the rest of the country, a
> really good reason for staying where I am in my opinion.  Uh... we also
> have no state income or sales tax.  Hey, I'm a lucky guy living in the
> right place.
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