Well, I am, for one, angry that it seems a woman could never leave home until she was married. This Biblical state of affairs caused a lot of conflict in my own life and made me bitter. Even when society said I could leave home I tried several times and always ended up with a nervous breakdown. Not only was I competing with the idea that I was handicapped but also I felt I could make no decision without asking my family. In my opinion this led to inability to make proper decisions in life to the point where at age 45 I still feel like a girl of 13.


At 06:55 AM 09/10/2003 -0600, you wrote:

Paul, before you go through a tirade like that you really ought to
understand the subject.  I think that if you really take a look at the
subject you would find a completely different approach than the one you

The relationship between a married couple has been used for centuries, and
for good reason, to suggest the proper relationship between Christ and his
followers.  I do not think that this would be the case if the marriage, and
the womans part in it, were so despicable as you suggest.

I am currently reading a book called "Beloved Bridegoom" by Donna B.
Nielsen.  It discusses this topic.  It has a sub-title of "Finding Christ in
Ancient Jewish Marriage and Family Customs."  You might find this very


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