I do not think that the scriptures bear that out at all, rather the

I will admit, readilly, that the social customs of that time are different
from those of our time.  And it may be that a superficial look at the
practices may make them look unacceptable to us today.  But when we take
time to truly understand their situation we would find the kind of
relationship that would warrent the comparison with our desired relationship
with Christ.


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> > Paul, before you go through a tirade like that you really ought to
> Well, I've looked at the subject and from what I have read about the Jews
> they treated their woman like second class citizens. Don't the scriptures
> bear that out? I've read a lot of material about the Egyptians and they
> treated their woman descent with a lot more rights then the Jews ever
> gave their woman. The ancient Jews were a cruel people, IMNSHO.
> What does Tag have to say?
> Paul O
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