Paul Osborne wrote:
> You should. It is the law of the land and provides for better safety for
> all drivers on the public highway. You need to stop speeding, now. If I
> was the prophet I would include the following question on the temple
> recommend:
> Do you obey traffic laws?

Which is perhaps why you are not the prophet! :-)  I don't have the time to
list why I am not the prophet.

So, what if someone said "not always?"  Would you then deny them a TR?  Why
not ask more important questions, such as "Have you, during this last 2 year
period, looked at a woman not your wife (or vice versa) and thought 'Hubba,

Every action has consequences, good or bad.  Going faster than the speed
limit is not the most important factor in traffic accidents.  Defensive
driving is.  Perhaps a better TR question might be "Do you drive
defensively?"  That is far more important that obeying all the laws, IMHSHO.


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