How would that change my mind?  It was the speeding that killed them, it was
the RECKLESS part that did it.

For my part, I do WRECKLESS speeding (1.7 millions miles and counting, as
well as knocking on my head - wood, you know).

I drive for the conditions.  I practice defensive driving.  I don't get
tickets.  I respect life.  I only drive as fast as is safe, regardless of
the limit.  I often drive below the speed limit in residential areas, which
irritates those who don't respect life.

You may use a litmus test to judge people.  I think that sometimes that can
work, but other times it will not.


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> On Wed, 10 Sep 2003 21:59:10 -0400 Jon Spencer
> > Every action has consequences, good or bad.  Going faster than the
> > speed
> > limit is not the most important factor in traffic accidents.
> > Defensive
> > driving is.
> You would very well have a change of attitude if someone killed your wife
> and family on the state highway because they were speeding along without
> regard to the law or public safety. There is no excuse for reckeless
> speeding and disregard for the law. Those who do so aren't worthy of a
> temple recommend in my opinion. You speeders best be glad I ain't the
> prophet because I would yank recommends out of the hands of speeders with
> or without the Lord's permission! Yep, I would.
> Paul O
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