Paul Osborne wrote:
This is outdated counsel and no longer meets with the necessary needs 
and requirements of many saints in a changing world that places new 
demands on families. I see President Hinckley has been slowly 
superseding this counsel at a rate that is not too far behind the trend.

Paul, I cannot locate any general counsel from church leaders indicating 
that President Benson's directives about mothers staying home has been 
rescinded or superceded.  Can you find us an authoritative source as 
basis for your assertions?  A recent conference talk from President 
Hinckley would be convincing.

I am minded of one of Jesus' comments to the Jews about divorce, from 
the New Testament.  He said that because the Jews insisted on a 
provision for divorce, Moses gave them some kind of compromise to 
satisfy their unrighteous demands.  Nevertheless, there is no provision 
for divorce in the laws of God.  The only legitimate marriage contract 
is one that is eternally binding.

We can certainly follow this pattern in our own times with regard to our 
selective obedience to the counsel of general church leaders.  Whether 
or not we as a church accept and live by true principles is has no 
bearing on the truth of correct principles.  There will come a day of 
reckoning when our faithfulness will be measured.  Those who insist on 
watering down the principles of the gospel for their own convenience 
will come up short of the mark.

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