On Mon, 15 Sep 2003 11:48:07 -0500 [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:
> Oh!  And I forgot...my husband has also literally broken his back at
> work...when the store was being constructed, they didn't properly 
> cover an
> area where pipes and that come up to the ground...only covered it 
> in
> plywood.  He was walking the area in the truck bay, and thought 
> he'd
> stepped around it, but when his foot hit the wood, the wood 
> shattered, he
> fell and the pipes broke his fall, as well as his back.
> Heidi

I've been cut many times, bruised, hit in the head by a fallen light
pole, burned during welding, frostbitten by liquid refrigerant, shocked
by 277VAC, fallen off ladders, dehydrated several times, and once fell
into shock. Not to mention how depressed I've been over my little itty
pay check that would cause a lot of men to have their cars reposessed and
their houses forclosed on. My wife became a full time school teacher a
year ago and we bought our first home, at the age of 40. I was worried I
would never get my own home before the kids move out. 

Can a male school teacher support a family with one paycheck? Must all
school teachers be woman? 

Paul O

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