Val wrote:
> -- Jim Cobabe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Sounds like we need not follow prophetic counsel as long as our 
> circumstances make it inconvenient or uncomfortable for us.
> Am I getting this right?
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> This is an unfair, sweeping, judgemental condemnation of women who work. 
> I don't know if you are even married, or if she works, but you'd better 
> thank your lucky stars if she does not have too.  That only means you 
> have been blessed and does not mean you have powers of judgement. 
> When abiding prophetic counsel, usually the living prophet "trumps" 
> older counsel.  Otherwise, we'd still be practicing polygamy! 
> So it depends on which prophetic counsel you are referencing.  If you 
> are referring to GBH's most recent comments on women who need to work, 
> then I am abiding it just fine.  But, if you are referring to the 
> archaic counsel that women should not work, then call me an apostate.  
> I am sure the Lord doesn't have a problem with me supporting my family.  
> My husband is unable to because he is, well, dead!  Sure, I could live 
> on Social Security, but that would not even cover my utilities, let 
> alone my house payment, taxes, cemetery, etc.  Of course, me and the 
> kids do still need to eat, so groceries would have to go too.  And I 
> cannot expect the church to support me and my kids--that's just 
> ludicrous.
> If putting a leaky roof over my kids' heads is a convenience, then I 
> work because otherwise it would be inconvenient to live on the streets.
> If feeding my kids and keeping them warm is comfortable, then I work 
> because otherwise we would be uncomfortable freezing in the winter or 
> baking in the summer.
> I've usually respected your comments, Jim, but you really ticked me off 
> with this one!
> val--from her JOB!
> {watch out for the lightening strikes heading my way!}
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Let's all chill out and relax for a minute.  It seems that working women 
and husbands of working women always get defensive when this topic is 
discussed.  Let's not even begin to discuss why they get defensive.  
Let's talk in generalities for a minute.  I think that IDEALLY the 
husband would work to provide for the family and the wife would be home 
with the kids (which, in my opinion, is harder than working out of the 
home).  This is the IDEAL, but, as we all know, it is not always 
possible.  I think that as long as we are doing all we can to adhere to 
this ideal, we will be blameless (only relating to this topic) before 
God.  It has nothing to do with white collar or blue collar workers.  
How we "do all we can", though, is where the topic goes from black and 
white, to gray.  There are women who truly need to work, and those who 
"think" they need to work (or the husbands "think" the wife needs to 
work), but perhaps don't have to (i.e. husband can get more education to 
get a better paying job, can take on a second job, family can reduce 
expenses).  I don't think that any current (or relatively current) 
prophet has negated the counsel of earlier prophets who have said that 
women should not work outside of the home.  Current prophets may have 
clarified that the issue is gray, rather than black and white, but they 
haven't removed the ideal.  Look at the Family Proclatation.  Pretty 
current, huh?  Pretty clear, too.  "By divine design, fathers are to 
preside over their families in love and righteousness and ARE 
families.  Mothers are primarily respondible for the nurture of their 
children."  Kind of hard for the mother to do this when she is working 
out of the home.  Not impossible, but harder.  The Proclamation goes on 
to say that "In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are 
obligated to help one another as equal partners."  I don't think this is 
a negation of previous prophetic counsel.  Husbands and wives and "help 
one another" with their responsibilities by BETTER PERFORMING THEIR OWN 
RESPONSIBILITIES, and not necessarily DOING each others 
responsibilities.  The Proclamation then states, "Disability, death, or 
other circumstances may necessitate individual adaption."  Has the IDEAL 
been changed? No.

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