"Counsel with the bishop" is a standard answer.  As a problem solving 
strategy, it usually doesn't work at all, at least in my experience.  
Bishops don't have effective answers for any but the most routine 
problems.  Many of them are good at running LDS wards, but terrible as 
personal counselors.

After ten years of crying on bishop's shoulders I have changed my 
thinking.  It isn't fair for me to unburden my problems on them.  I've 
tried harder to share my confidences with the Lord, and keep my personal 
problems to myself.

I can imagine the numerous bishops I've dumped my sad story on over the 
last decade, cringing mentally every time they think about me.  "Oh, 
that poor miserable Brother Cobabe.  I hope he doesn't come to me for 
sympathy again." 

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