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> Val wrote:
(i.e. husband can get more education to 
get a better paying job

Are you saying that no Latter-day Saint should settle for a lower paying
job? Someone has to do the work! There are always lower paying jobs and
the competition will never allow all men to have higher paying jobs.
Shall all men sit in the ivory tower and push pencils? Or shall all men
be chief? Who is going to do the work?

I'm not attacking you Val; I'm just expressing my view when white collar
men grumble out of their lips against the woes of blue collar men and how
they can supposedly fix their low income problems. The fact is, many
white collar men are ignorant and lack real experience when it comes to
blue collar money woes as they sit in the ivory tower of plenty. I'll
glady switch paychecks and let them see for themselves and their eyes
will be opened!

Paul O
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