I wish I could work at all. The Department of Rehabilitation in this county has evaluated me and decided I am unemployable. This is no laughing matter for me and has caused me much depression. Seeing I have no children, employment outside the home should not have been a problem for me.


At 06:45 AM 09/20/2003 -0500, you wrote:

Well, there IS a way to follow prophetic counsel AND work where there is a
husband in the home...and it looks like I'm about to embark upon it.  I'm
going to start doing child care in my home, so I'll be at home with my own
children yet bringing in income.  I'm also considering giving piano lessons
from my home.  And I'm also considering taking night classes in medical
transcription (I have work experience from my college years in it, but I
need to sharpen my skills and there is a program near my home) so that I do
that from home.  I have a friend from high school, who is LDS and lives in
Arizona.  She and her husband have 4 children, and though she is trained in
other things, she took a course in medical transcription so that she could
work from home, and she gets paid very well for her work, which is part

Now, Jim, you have to admit that there are circumstances when a woman HAS
to work outside the home.  Val in Mishawaka has to...she is a widow; her
family depends on her.  The time may come when I will have to...my husband
will likely be unable to work due to physical disability in the next 5
years.  I really should be doing more to prepare to support my family, but
right now I feel like I should be at home.  I will, in the next year,
probably be taking part time college courses to finish up my last year of
bachelor's degree work.  We hope to eventually transfer to Louisville, and
then I can go to law school, which I've always wanted to do.  Once my
husband becomes unable to work, we will likely move east, closer to my
parents (and a bit closer to his family, too), to have the help & support
of family.

Be careful, Jim, of painting all LDS working women with the same brush.


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