Paul Osborne wrote:

My observations are that bishops are selected from a pool of men who can
administer and who have been successful in the ways of the world. I would be delighted to see men selected from a pool of men who can minister without regard to administering skills which could be left to the counselors.

Grampa Bill observes:
It is my understanding that at one point in the early days of the Church, it was the practice for a ward to have both a Bishop who attended to the spiritual needs of the ward and a Ward Preident who was an administrator. The stakes still have a vestige of those days with a Patriarch who is the Father of the Stake and a Stake President who administers.
Disputes between the Bishops and the WPs regarding authority and division of responsibility led to the elimination of the WP position.
Incidently, I have been a Bishop and have never had financial sucess in life. I believe I was probably a better minister than administrator though I tried to surround myself with men who were better than myself.
Love y'all,
Grampa Bill in Savannah

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