I was able to do this with my own kids, though it was hard at first.  When
our first child was born, we were given a book, the title of which went
something like "How to help your child sleep through the night", or words
to that effect.  It was written by a Dr. Ferber out of Boston, and he
advocated this system when helping babies learn to sleep through the night.
He promoted a graduated system...First night - address needs, and then when
baby started to cry, go in after 5 minutes, reassure and then leave.  Wait
10 minutes, reassure.  Wait 15 minutes, reassure...and so on at 5 minute
intervals until baby fell asleep. The second night, don't start going in
until after 10 minutes, and go in at 10 minute intervals.  Third night, 15
minutes, etc...  The idea was that baby would know you were there but would
be given time to fall asleep by itself (sans soother, binky, pacifier or
whatever you want to call it).  It took each of my kids about 3 days to
learn to fall asleep by themselves; once they learned this, life was much
easier for everybody!


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> Once all possible needs have been addressed, there is something
> about letting a baby cry until she finally gives it up.  The sisters are 
> not especially good at this, but I can do it just fine. --JWR
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