Kent clarifies:
We don't remove ALL carbs as some have reported that the brain goes into stupid mode if it doesn't get some... we try to keep to less than 40 carbs (looking at a lot more labels now) mixed with major protein. Some carbs are better than others... Potatoes turn into 95% sugar while rice is only 55% converted. Beans are less than that. My doctor suggested that a few carbs for breakfast can be good so suggested we eat raw oatmeal(not cooked) with fruit and non-fat milk for breakfast... It goes right thru without being absorbed. At lunch I usually have chili (I like Cattle Drive) with a can of roast beef dumped in, with cottage cheese and a lettace wedge, and for supper a nice steak/chicken/fish with extra vegetables and a green salad. Sometimes Judy mixes up some jello no-sugar pudding with a few sliced strawberries ontop for dessert or a fresh pear. We were big ice cream fans so switched to Blue Bunny with a little fresh fruit instead of all the sauces. Judy makes the best pies in the world so it is a big sacrifice in that regard, but our tastes have changed dramatically and we find it easy to just say no and have a fresh apple instead.

Stacy Smith wrote:
You know, the more I think about it, I didn't quite experiment that way before. I had only protein for two meals and carbs for a third meal. But what is being proposed would be very hard to live with but I guess I'd have to find a tasty way. I don't remember God opposing bread and such, especially whole wheat, and diabetic educators never tell people to eliminate pasta, potatoes or rice from the diet, but if it means never going on dialysis or insulin I might have to try it. I don't know what I'd do about the traditional birthday, Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations but they would be very few and far between. It's back to taste, I suppose, since I have a hard time tolerating most vegetables but not all.


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