President Hinckley is ever filled with boundless optimism and good 
cheer.  Always uplifting to hear him speak.

In his closing remarks, I seem to sense that he wishes to lift up the 
entire church with his blessings and counsel.  I would hate to 
disappoint him.

Elder Maxwell, though he has the appearance of a man barely clinging to 
life, delivered such a moving and powerful oratory.

Every once in a while I hear something -- a thought or phrase -- that 
pentrates deeply and resonates on and on.  In Elder Holland's talk in 
the last session, he made reference to the passage in the scriptures 
referring to the prophet Ether's communion with the Lord.  The specific 
phrase that so struck me indicated that the wicked in Ether's day had 
fallen so low in their depravity that they "...hate their own blood" 
causing the heavens to weep in mourning.

I am considering the implications...  

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