Newsflash -
Women with less than 18 year old children at home are not allowed to work at
the temple.  I served in the Washington DC temple for several years, and
then in the Raleigh temple for two stints, until I couldn't handle working
at the temple (fully qualified in all roles other than the Baptistery),
being a scout leader and being seminary supervisor all at once.

My wife could not be a temple worker because we had two children at home
under 18.

And I fully agree.

But otherwise, I fully agree with what you said in this post.


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> The quick and easy answer to the subject question is:  they (including
> feminists such as Gordon B. Hinckley) are still faithful members of the
> Church.
> The controversial answer is:  just what is meant by the term "feminist"?
> Its original meaning was one who sought equal rights, blessings, and
> respect to women.  By that meaning, the gospel is the most feminist (as
> well as equal opportunity) doctrine in the universe.  Somehow, the term
> was usurped by male-hating people.  This sort of thing makes life
> difficult for dictionary editors.
> Sister Stack seems to be grumbling sour grapes in her article.  Many of
> the improvements she cites are not new to the Church.  And some of it is
> just bone-headed wrong.  For instance, we had two less-than-18 teenagers
> in our home during the year that Cherie was an assistant director for the
> baptistry in the Provo Temple.  (No, I was not the director.  I was
> another assistant.)  I can't remember anything from the CHoI saying that
> women with younger-than-18 kids at home were disallowed to work in the
> temple.
> Certainly there has been unrighteous domininion with much of it being
> male towards female.  The scriptures are plain on this (as plain as they
> are that such males have no true authority and are in for a whuppin' some
> day) and the prophets have decried it from Joseph to Gordon.  But Stack
> seems to when one evil (unrighteous dominion) was being fought with
> another evil.
> I notice she complained about President Benson's talk without quoting his
> talk, but added what she wanted her audience to think he said.  And why
> did she not mention that President Benson gave similar council to the
> fathers in Zion?  Does anyone really think that President Benson's
> councilor (President Hinckley) thus thought worse of his own mother, a
> working woman?
> And her whole tone is that of the stereotype of the soldier who is upset
> there is no more war to fight.
> So the real answer is:  Mormon feminists haven't gone anywhere.  They're
> still here, working to build the Kingdom of God, male and female, helpers
> meet for each other.
> *jeep!
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