Stacy-- just sign up for Scouts-L and Scouts-LDS list-serve on Yahoo-- that
should more than meet your goals-- at least when I was on there I was
getting about 50-100 postings per day. if that's not enough, sign up for
the other Scouting related lists.

Bob Taylor

>The DiabetesWorld list at Yahoo Groups generates 20 or 30 messages about
>twice a day.  But we could easily get 50 to 100 posts a day on Zion.  All
>you have to do is speak up for or against any particular candidate for any
>particular political office -- just as long as that particular candidate
>has strong opinions on any number of hot topics.
>Or we could just have another food fight.
> ~~Chet
>"If ya thinks ya is right, ya deserfs credit - even if ya is wrong." Gus
>Segar via Popeye
>-- Stacy Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>Hi.  I'm finding these days that Zion isn't listing enough traffic.  I'd
>like to see a list that generates about 20 or 30 more messages.  Where can
>I find such a list?
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