The idea that the word Salvation only refers to the Exaltation that comes
with obeidience and the Atonement is, I beleive, correct.  It, nevertheless,
has other meanings.  Namely Salvation from Adam's transgression which comes
to all men.

I susopect that it is a general observation that could  be modified with
close inspection.

As a by the way, I suggest that Exaltation only refers to all that the
Father has to give us, and not a partial load.  But that would start a whole
nother discussion which so many want to avoid.


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> Strangely, John, I was looking this up not that long ago.  And I couldn't
find anything which indicated the Lord's salvation was anything less than
the best He has to offer.  I wondered then if this is where John Taylor
picked up his "the Kingdom of God or nothing" slogan.
> Anyone else find anything different?
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> -- "John W. Redelfs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Last month the high council speaker in Juneau Third Ward spoke on the
> of Salvation, and he used the writings of Gerald Lund as his primary
> in addition to the scriptures.  During his talk he said something that I
> found particularly interesting.  He said, "In the scriptures, the term
> 'salvation' is never used to mean anything less than exaltation or eternal
> life in the highest degree of the celestial kingdom."
> I don't know if this is true or not; but if it is, then it could have
> settled many of the differences of opinion I had with Gary Smith, and
> perhaps he would still be participating on my email lists.
> In scripture, does the word "salvation" ever specifically denote a
> telestial or a terrestrial glory?  Does it ever specifically denote the
> condition of ministering angels who have achieved the celestial kingdom
> failed to obtain the highest degree?
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