John W. Redelfs wrote:
> Jon Spencer wrote:
> >In the US, their actions are protected speech.  While the actions of the 
> >two
> >members in response to this provocation are understandable from an 
> >emotional
> >point of view, the members who took the garments away probably exercised
> >poor judgment.  We are not a people of martyrs.  We have endured many 
> >things
> >and hope to endure all things.  In my opinion, there are many better 
> >ways to
> >spend one's time serving the Lord than dealing with a theft charge.
> I personally think an assault and battery charge would have been more 
> appropriate.  And one could wear the jail time as a badge of honor.  
> --JWR

I was at the Priesthood session with my sons.  We saw and heard the 
protesters.  We didn't see the actions described in the essay, but heard 
about them on the Sunday evening news in SLC.  We saw protesters 
surrounded by many church members who were signing church hymns.  The 
things I miss out on by living in California (then again, we have our 
own problems)  The story goes deeper...there is a group of NON-LDS 
citizens in SLC who have organized for the purpose of protesting against 
the anti-Mormon protestors.  They've committed to be outside of the 
conference center again in April.  How's that for ironic??  The 
"ring-leader" of this group was on the news.  He, and others, are tired 
of ignorant people protesting against the Mormons at conference.  I 
imagine the confrontations will only escalate until something severe 

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