My friends,

I concern myself little about the fools who mock the truth.  Their time 
is limited, they will wither away like the summer grass, and the truth 
will still be strong.

One of the side effects naysayers unwittingly cause is raising the level 
of public awareness about the Church.  Certainly most who read of such 
evil and unwarranted acts will be sympathetic to the Church.  This may 
create opportunites for the Gospel to reach some who would never 
otherwise be receptive.

People who attempt to desecrate sacred temple garments little understand 
the nature of sacred things.  As I see it, my use of temple clothing is 
a symbol representing the covenants I have made with Heavenly Father in 
the temple.  The garment is a token, not a magical talisman.  It has no 
special temporal or spiritual properties in and of itself.  It is a 
physical reminder to me that the power of God is a constant protection 
and shield from worldly encroachments, as I remain faithful.  In the 
hands of unbelievers, temple garments are not different from other 
pieces of clothing.  

Those who seek to blaspheme sacred beliefs are simply heaping coals upon 
their own heads.  Their acts of attempted desecration are not worthy of 
note.  They are apparently not possessed of sufficient intelligence to 
be suitably embarrassed about such foolery. 

In truth, such gross misunderstanding as exhibited by these malicious 
evil doers gives us all the more reason to value our own sacred 
relationship with Heavenly Father.

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