Now some persons may begin to harrow up their feelings, and to cherish 
in their hearts murmurings because God in his providence and in his 
mercy and kindness, may begin to pour upon this man and upon that man 
blessings by which he accumulates wealth, and by which he is made 
comfortable and happy; they are envious and jealous; now, if all things 
are ours, is there not a time when some of God's people will begin to 
inherit some of them? Yea. There must be a beginning to inherit all 
things. If we envy those that are really beginning to participate a 
little in the inheritance of all things, is not this a strong 
presumptive evidence within ourselves that we are not heirs to all 
things, neither are we willing that our brethren should be.

When a man of God is blessed from on high and shall begin to gather 
around him means sufficient to place him beyond the reach of immediate 
want, God hath done it—God hath blessed that person—and every Saint will 
feel thankful to see his brethren so prospered and blessed of the Lord, 
feeling encouraged that his time will come sometime if he continues 
faithful. Instead of being jealous of the prosperity of those whom the 
Lord delights to bless and murmur in our hearts against our brethren and 
against the Lord, let us learn to be contented with that which is 
assigned to us, and wait patiently until the Lord shall in his mercy and 
kindness bless us more abundantly. I do not know any better way to 
hasten on our day of great blessings than to be liberal in our feelings 
and labor with all our might to lift up and encourage those who are 
bowed down, and to sustain the Priesthood of God.

The Lord sees us all and knows what our feelings are—the very thoughts 
and intents of our hearts are laid bare before Him [Sec. 38:2], and when 
He sees that we are prepared to endure great earthly blessings, do you 
think that any trifling circumstance will cause him to delay and wait 
and put us off and make us wait for his blessings. (Orson Hyde, JD, 
October 8, 1864, 10:263.)

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