Dear John,

        I do not understand those who hate due to religion.  Seems to me that
especially in the case of the LDS peopole that there is good reason for
envy, but hate, I cannot understand.  I know that doesn't mean it isn't
there but it still baffles my little mind that hate is there due to ones
faith.  So toot your own horn, I think it deserves tooting.

        I'm reading a book about the development of the Bible in the English
language.  There was a complete versionn published prior to the KJV Bible
that is probably a better translation, but it isn't in publication anymore.
It's called the Geneva Bible and was worked on by a number of reformation
people like Calvin and John Knox, But mainly buy a man named Whittenburg, if
I remember correctly.  Prior to publication, Wycliffe translated the Bible,
but he had to do it all by hand, and he had some help with the old
testament.  It's very interesting reading.  I found a copy of the Geneva in
facsimilie printed with large text so it's legible.  I hope this isn't off
subject for ZION.  Good to hear from you John.

Pax et Bonum,

John A.E., n/OEF

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> John A. English, n/OEF wrote:
> >Hello folks, seems rather quiet out there.
> Several of our best and most prolific contributors have left us, and the
> list seems to be in remission.  Until someone comes along and decides to
> take up where Tom Matkin, Marc Schindler, and Gary Smith left
> off, we won't
> have a lot to read in this forum.  I know that I should try to
> stir up some
> interesting conversation, but I've been preoccupied with other
> things lately.
> I'm currently reading THE AMERICAN RELIGION by Harold Bloom.  Anyone else
> out there read it?  I always think it is interesting to get the
> perspective
> on Mormonism of an outsider who doesn't hate us.  Harold Bloom is an
> "unbelieving Jew" and one of the most respected literary critics of the
> past century.  One doesn't have to go to the Who's Who to read his
> bio.  You can find it in the Britannica.
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