Speaking of the versions of the Bible, I have a copy of the Hexapla.
This is a side by side of six different versions of the New Testament
including KJV, Geneva, Wycliffe and three others. I have found it very
interesting and thought provoking to read the different interpretations.
Not sure if these books are easily available.


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>Dear John,
>       I do not understand those who hate due to religion.  
>Seems to me that especially in the case of the LDS peopole 
>that there is good reason for envy, but hate, I cannot 
>understand.  I know that doesn't mean it isn't there but it 
>still baffles my little mind that hate is there due to ones 
>faith.  So toot your own horn, I think it deserves tooting.
>       I'm reading a book about the development of the Bible 
>in the English language.  There was a complete versionn 
>published prior to the KJV Bible that is probably a better 
>translation, but it isn't in publication anymore. It's called 
>the Geneva Bible and was worked on by a number of reformation 
>people like Calvin and John Knox, But mainly buy a man named 
>Whittenburg, if I remember correctly.  Prior to publication, 
>Wycliffe translated the Bible, but he had to do it all by 
>hand, and he had some help with the old testament.  It's very 
>interesting reading.  I found a copy of the Geneva in 
>facsimilie printed with large text so it's legible.  I hope 
>this isn't off subject for ZION.  Good to hear from you John.
>Pax et Bonum,
>John A.E., n/OEF
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>> John A. English, n/OEF wrote:
>> >Hello folks, seems rather quiet out there.
>> Several of our best and most prolific contributors have left us, and 
>> the list seems to be in remission.  Until someone comes along and 
>> decides to take up where Tom Matkin, Marc Schindler, and Gary Smith 
>> left off, we won't have a lot to read in this forum.  I know that I 
>> should try to stir up some
>> interesting conversation, but I've been preoccupied with other
>> things lately.
>> I'm currently reading THE AMERICAN RELIGION by Harold Bloom.  Anyone 
>> else out there read it?  I always think it is interesting to get the 
>> perspective on Mormonism of an outsider who doesn't hate us.  Harold 
>> Bloom is an "unbelieving Jew" and one of the most respected literary 
>> critics of the past century.  One doesn't have to go to the 
>Who's Who 
>> to read his bio.  You can find it in the Britannica.
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