For us, it was the constant attention.  Almost every day and night, we had someone 
from the ward dropping by, helping us get acclimated to the new lifestyle, explaining 
the new jargon.  It was the friends who decided to pick up our oldest daughter every 
morning at 5:30 for early morning seminary (and explained to us what seminary was).  
And it was a clever Relief Society president and an inspired bishop who made sure we 
each had rewarding callings which were more than just "busy" work, and which helped us 
learn about the "inner workings" (heh!) of the church.

"If ya thinks ya is right, ya deserfs credit - even if ya is wrong." Gus Segar via 


Just this evening, I was asked to teach the lesson in Relief Society this Sunday.  The 
lesson is the Teachings for our Time #9, Strengthening New Converts.  I have yet to 
read the conference addresses the outline mentions, however, I have a few questions 
for you out there - and be forewarned that I might want to use some or all of your 
responses in my lesson...

What have you done to help strengthen a new convert (or new converts, as the case may 
For those of you who have been new converts...what has been done by others that has 
helped strengthen you?  What didn't help you?

Any and all thoughts on this subject would be very much appreciated by me! :-)
Thanks in advance!
Heidi the fair

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