When I first heard of this incident, my gut reaction was anger and disgust
at the streetpreachers.  However, as I thought of it, I told Bob that what
should be done at the next Conference (figuring that they will be there
again, being offensive again) is everyone going to Conference should buy a
single flower - one per person - and tape a message to the stem, saying,
"The Lord loves you.".  Then, walk by these people on purpose and lay the
flower at their feet and smile sweetly at them.  Can you imagine these
people with mound of tens of thousands of flowers around them?!  Let them
be the irrational ones.  Let us rise above it and be the examples of
Christ.  That would be something to take a picture of, wouldn't it?

I don't know if the media would pick it up, but one can only hope.  Even if
they didn't, it would be very satisfying to know that we didn't descend to
their level.  And, as has been noted, the Lord will deal with them in His
own time.  We just need to be patient enough to let Him do that.  As
offensive as it is to see someone desecrating temple garments, the garments
themselves aren't what is sacred - they are a symbol of our devotion to
God.  But they only have any real significance when actually worn by
someone that is true to the covenants made with God.


>Well, here I might agree with you.  If your going to do it, a full swing
>with a large print quad in a tote would do a lot of damage, and might be
>worth it.  It might make them think twice before doing their disgusting
>On the other hand, I think that what should happen at the next conference is
>for everyone who passes - I mean EVERYONE - to stop, smile, say hello, shake
>their hand, pat their back, etc.  NOTHING in this world would irritate them
>more than this.  Can you say apoplectic stroke???  I knew you could!

   "There are no coincidences, only small miracles." Author Unknown


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