> Harold Bloom, the noted literary critic, wrote in his book THE AMERICAN
> "It is weirdly true, in 1991, that the Mormons are as mainstream as you
> are, whoever you are, at least in terms of the religion of politics and
> politics of religion."

Where is the mainstream anymore.  I heard today that teenagers, in Canada I
think, smoke more pot than tobacco. So if pot smoking is mainstream we
aren't getting very close to it.  I hope.

In a political sense I haven't read Bloom's book so I don't know what he's
talking about, but one interesting problem shaping up is that the Church is
becoming very global and that is shaping everything that is done in the
Church and politicians in the U.S. tend to see their bread being buttered by
appeals to local attitudes and concerns. I predict that Africa will be the
next big population base for the Church after Central and South American and
that the North American Church will continue to shrink in proportion
dramatically.  So to answer your question in the Dangerous Book thread, no
the Church will not dabble in U.S. politics, anymore than it has recently.
Which is to say hardly at all.

The book is not particularly dangerous.  What will cause us trouble is if
the nation falls on hard times one way or another and we get singled out as
the cause of it.  The jewish whipping boy syndrome, changed to where
everybody's difficulties are seen to be caused by Mormons and politicians
can win votes by fanning those flames. Nobody reads books by literary


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