Yesterday I posted a little note on "Gossip" but somehow Natasha hasn't 
got it yet.  If it doesn't make the list by Monday I'll repost. 

Today G stands for Garden. I thought about this as I was leaving the 
temple this morning after doing 3 endowment sessions.  Come to think of 
it the morning was spent by the time I left the temple, so correct that 
to 'this afternoon'.

Anyway G stands for garden.  That wonderful place where if we will just 
put the right conditions into place the Lord will provide a miracle. In 
a garden you must prepare the soil, water it, fertilize it and protect 
it from infestations of weeds. (One of my favorite rhyming axioms; A man 
of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds.")  And a 
garden needs rest.  Mine is resting under two feet of snow just now. But 
in a few months, if I do my part the Lord will produce the great miracle 
of new life and beauty (I'm a flower man as much as a vegetable raiser. 
Another verse:  Mistress Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden 
grow?) How does your garden grow? If you put the conditions right, God 
will provide you a miracle of new life and beauty.

Each of us is a garden waiting to produce beautiful flowers, sweet fruit 
and wholesome food, if we will just put the conditions right. Storms and 
droughts and whirlwinds may set us back for a season, but over a 
lifetime a lot of great produce can come from any well kept garden... or 
from any well ordered life that allows God to direct it.


"I just pretend I'm a princess, and that I could summarily have her 
executed at any time according to my own pleasure.  It gives me great 
comfort!" (The Little Princess)

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