It is a wise person who can state when he doesn't know. There's nothing
wrong with pondering and some speculating, as long as it doesn't become a
personal doctrine that we insist on pushing onto others. I don't know the
answers to any of those questions, either. I do have some personal ideas
on some of them, but am open on all of them. And that is what allows us
to grow.
Can you imagine how little faith it would require if ALL the answers were
provided by God?  We couldn't stretch ourselves, test ourselves, or learn
of our own accord.
President Joseph F Smith lost a little daughter around 1860. He spent the
next 40 years pondering what happened in the Spirit World. He was
obsessed with the issue, writing on it frequently, speaking on it
frequently, and always speculating. It wasn't until two weeks  before his
death that it was revealed to him in what we now call D&C 138. 
He wouldn't have been the person he was without such challenges to cause
him to stretch and ponder.
So it is with the rest of us.
K'aya K'ama,

Gerald (Gary) Smith     
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Family History, Food Storage, etc.

Answered: I don't know.
However, I have noticed something interesting on these email discussion 
lists:  For everything I don't know, there is someone who thinks he does.
John W. Redelfs    

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