No, Stephen, you did not misinterpret my comments. I did know Reed Benson.
He did try to capitalize on his connection to his father and he succeeded
from time to time.  Frankly, it's my opinion when the unexpergated history
of the church is written, it will be shown that Reed Benson's skillful
manipulations darn near cost his father his father big time.

I have great respect for President Benson even though I neither agree with
his politics nor with the way he sometimes used the "pulpit" to advance his
political beliefs.  It is tragic than most people remember President
Benson's arch politics more than they do the good he did for the church as
an apostle. But I understand why that is the case.

It also troubling that some members of the Church, particularly those with
"far right" political views, think he is the only latter-day prophet worth
listening to.

Ron Scott

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> > Ah, the Church of Ezra resurrects itself. Who is its profit: Reed?
> I don't understand this.  Why would the prophet's words in General
> Conference constitute the "Church of Ezra"?  And why would Reed Benson
> be called its "profit"?  While I don't know Reed Benson personally, I
> have had a few dealings with him, and he has always struck me as being
> very honest and open, not someone who goes about seeking to cash in on
> his father's name or position.
> Or have I misinterpreted your comments?  Sorry if that's the case; maybe
> you can clarify them for me.
> Stephen
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