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> Hey Ron, are you familiar with THE AMERICAN RELIGION by Harold
> Bloom?  I've
> been reading it the last couple of weeks, and I find it
> fascinating that a
> Gentile (actually, he is an "unbelieving Jew") would state a
> conviction that<

Once a Jew, always a Jew. HE is not a gentile. A secular Jew perhaps. But a
> 1.  The Latter-day Saints will resume the practice of plural marriage in
> the first half of the 21st century.

Oy vey! I don't see any of current crop of leaders doing that, even if ACLU
convinces the Supreme Court that monogamy infringes upon the right to freely
practice one's religion.

> 2.  The Latter-day Saints will establish a sovereign state in either part
> or all of the United States at about the same time.<<

You mean like Vatican City? A possibility, but unlikely.  If you're talking
something grander, phooey. President Hinckley just got us into the main
stream, more or less.  I can't imagine that anyone at the top wants out.

> I have long felt that this would happen.  I find it remarkable
> that such a
> renowned and worldly scholar would have come to the same conclusion.
> What do you think?<

If that's what he concluded, I think he's been spending way to much of his
time talking to crackpots in mountains of Idaho and the outback in central


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