My name is R. Kent Francis.  My wife Judy and I live at
3251 West 6610 South in West Jordan, UT 84084-6902 in case
you ever want to write to me off-net.

My major e-mail address is [EMAIL PROTECTED] but I
own two internet sites: LDS1MAN.COM (so you can send
mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED]) and also
for Cybernetic Solutions Company where I am the President.

My wife is an Executive Secretary. I am an Oracle Programmer
with Accela Inc. in Sandy, UT - we provide turnkey software
to most of the largest cities in the US.  In addition, I
am running my Cybernetic Solutions Company business.

We are active "Mormons" (members of the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints). I have served on the High
Council of three different Stakes and numerous Bishoprics.
Judy has been President of all thevarious Woman's
organizations.  We recently served as Salt Lake City
InterCity Service Missionaries.

Information about the Church can be obtained at
We would be glad to answer any questions or send you literature.

We have 11 children and 27 grandchildren and are very busy with
our family. If you are interested, be sure to follow links on my
homepage ( to the family sites of Francis, Loveridge, Turnidge, Rawson.

I read 3-4 science fiction books a week as well as keep up on all the
computer literature.  I subscribe to the Mormon forums Eyring-L,
ZION, Scripture-L, Mormon_spec and Mormon-L  so I read about
300 e-mail messages a day from all over the world.

My hobbies include Genealogy, Family History, computers, and the internet.

I have read extensively in Church History (DHC, JD, MS T&S) as well as
dozens of pioneer journals and quite a bit of "anti" stuff.  Nibley is
one of my favorite "modern" authors and I have read all the apocraphyl
documents that have been translated to English.  I have a firm testimony
of Jesus Christ, His Gospel, the restoration of His ancient Church again
through Joseph Smith, and the divine calling of the General Authorities

I grew up in Los Altos, California, and when I returned from a
proselyting mission to Chile (1963), I attended San Jose State
University where I eventually got a degree in Engineering Managment
and a MS in Cybernetics (1972). I went to work for IBM (1966) and
Control Data as a systems & application programmer, and marketing staff
at HQ in Connecticut (1980) and requested a transfer to Utah when the Time-Sharing division went under.

In 1984 I created my own consulting/software company Cybernetic
Solutions and we currently market a software program THE SURVEY
- An Opinion Research Tool for the PC.  You can visit our home page on
the World Wide Web as or directly as

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