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> Ron Scott wrote:
> >Interesting and revealing response. Freud would have a field day
> with you.
> >Like so many of the "far right"  we "have remained," of couple
> GBH and BKP,
> >as if the latter makes the former tolerable for now, ignorinng,
> advertantly
> >or inadvertantly, the fact that President Monson is next in line.
> And I will be thrilled to sustain him as our new Prophet and President if
> he outlives President Hinckley, something that is by no means
> certain.  Either of them could die of old age tomorrow, as could Elder
> Packer, for that matter.  I don't know what order they will die in.  Do
> you?  --JWR

Nope, I don't. And even though President Kimball said he was bound and
determined to outlive President Benson, it didn't happen.


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