The definition given of a Son of Perdition is a person who has received a high level 
of understanding of the gospel, then not only fully denies it, but seeks to commit 
evil. Cain is the perfect example. He held the priesthood, spoke with God, then turned 
completely against God.

It isn't a matter of someone refusing to repent of some sins. It is a matter of 
becoming God's total enemy, which most people in the world will never do. Even most 
murderers and adulterers keep some commandments and believe in God. They don't totally 
reject the light and truth, since they have not received a fulness of that light and 
truth, so they could never become a son of perdition.

I would venture that of the 11+ million members in the Church today, less than 25,000 
are spiritual and enlightened enough to ever risk being a son of perdition.  And there 
are no non-members that could ever qualify. 

In fact, the only person we know of a surety is a son of perdition is Cain. Even Judas 
Iscariot probably did not qualify, as he had not received the Gift of the Holy Ghost 
and a true conversion.  There will be, as I understand it, a major gathering of sons 
of perdition at the end of the Millennium, as Satan gathers his people out from those 
with a full witness of Christ.  But in all reality, most of those choosing to be sons 
of perdition, chose to do so prior to this world.

K'aya K'ama
Gerald Smith
Freedom Forever

Date: Thu, 06 Nov 2003 17:42:24 -0600
From: Stacy Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: RE: [ZION] Repentance from adultery (was: RE: Is God's Love 

I don't believe the sons of perdition will be few in number.  I believe we 
have sufficient scriptures to prove otherwise, notwithstanding many will go 
telestial.  The people that go telestial will still have to repent in order 
for that to be done.  I've seen some people who would never accept Jesus 
under any circumstances.  These people wish to live in their sins.  Aren't 
I right in suggesting that anyone who wishes to live through eternity with 
their sins will go to perdition?


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