This would be my bio:

Sander J. "Sandy" Rabinowitz
PO Box 1195
Spring Hill, TN 37174-1195

* Age: 35
* Married (14 July 2001): 
  Melinda Samson, Nashville Tennessee Temple.
* Children: Andrea Ruth, 21 mos.
* Baptized: 23 January 1993, as a convert
  (Previously, no formal religious affiliation)
* Melinda converted (along with her family) from the
  Roman Catholic church, and served in the 
  Philippines Baguio City mission (1988-90).
* Education: University of Michigan, B.S. '90, Computer and
  Information Systems; Nashville School of Law, first year,
  towards working towards J.D. degree in 2007
* Occupation: Audiovisual producer and graphic artist by day, 
  and Law Student by night.  Was: Computer Programmer/Analyst.
* Hobbies (as time permits): Internet web development,
  Photography, Satellite television (dream is to have
  a 10-12 ft. dish in the backyard someday and be able to
  pick up raw feeds), reading.
* Present calling: Ward membership clerk.
* Prior callings: Stake computer specialist, stake missionary,
  deacon's quorum instructor, ward singles rep.

For more information, photos of Andrea, and a rather lengthy conversion 
story, see .

All the best,

The Rabinowitz Family, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Spring Hill, Tennessee

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