> Where do you get your hats?  Here in Ketchikan the selection is dismal.
> you buy any of them on the Internet.  If so, what are some of your
> websites?
> John W. Redelfs                       [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> ===========================================

I've done a lot of "window" shopping for hats on the web. There's lots of
sites, you can find them by searching for "fedora hats" on Google.  But I've
never bought any that way.  I just snoop around for them.  You don't find
them in big department stores or even in good men's wear stores.  There was
a western wear store in Lethbridge that had a little fedora sideline going
on, and I bought one or two there, but I noticed the other day that they are
out of business.  I bought a nice hat at Waterton Lakes National Park last
summer. I have a guy that runs an old time drygoods store in Cardston that
will order them for me and he's got me a couple. It's about time I put the
bee on him again I think.  I had to loan my dressiest fedora to an old guy
in the stake.  He had his hat stolen at church and he was so distressed
because of it that we started to fear for his life.  He's over ninety, so
his longevity is in question in any event.  He couldn't find a replacement
and he just went into a terrible funk, but the loaner hat has revived him,
and it's no problem for me, I've got others.


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