If you want to know whos King, whos God in America, look at your checkbook.

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> At 05:41 AM 11/8/2003, Cousin Bill wrote:
> >New thread attempt number 2.
> >
> >The topic of Dungeons and Dragons has come up before.  Someone
> >forwarded this to me, so I thought I would forward it to you
> >guys.  If you've never played D&D then you might not understand
> >what you come out as.  But this link shows you what alignment,
> >race, and class you would be.
> >
> >http://twinrose.net/dandchar.php
> >
> >It decided I would be a Chaotic Good Half-Elf Bard.  I don't know
> >but what it picked me out pretty well.  Give it a try.
> Hmm. I turned out as a Lawful Good Halfling Fighter Monk.
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> Steven Montgomery
> "But where some say is the king of America? IŽll tell you Friend,
> he reigns
> above, and doth not make havoc of mankind like the royal brute of Great
> Britain. Yet that we may not appear to be defective even in
> earthly honors,
> let a day be solemnly set apart for proclaiming the charter; let it be
> brought forth placed on the divine law, the Word of God; let a crown be
> placed thereon, by which the world may know, that so far as we approve of
> monarchy, that in America the law is king. For as in absolute governments
> the king is law, so in free countries the law ought to be King; and there
> ought to be no other." (Thomas Paine, _Common Sense_)
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