I like a good stetson.

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> Tom Matkin wrote:
> >I wear hats. Fedora's, Pendletons, Straws, Outbacks, and the like. I
> >wear hats in a place where all the other men, and a few of the women,
> >favour ball caps. Even in their Sunday best they will sometimes wear a
> >John Deere cap... to the temple. It used to startle me a bit, but I've
> >grown accustomed to it. Others have had trouble becoming accustomed to
> >me in my black fedora, but ain't that the way it is, some of us never
> >sit quite easy in the saddle.
> Years ago in my early 20's I wore a Stetson business fedora.
> Since then I
> have either been hatless or worn a baseball cap.  Then last Christmas my
> wife bought me a fedora.  Inside it proclaims that it is an "official"
> Indiana Jones hat, the same style he wore in the movies.  I like
> it a lot,
> but it is wool felt.  It isn't fur felt, and it doesn't have a satin
> lining, so it isn't the best hat I've every owned.  I have
> ambitions to own
> an even better hat, by and by, maybe a homburg but probably
> another fedora.
> Where do you get your hats?  Here in Ketchikan the selection is
> dismal.  Do
> you buy any of them on the Internet.  If so, what are some of
> your favorite
> websites?
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